Final Evaluation Meeting – SINC (Social Inclusion) Project

Final Evaluation Meeting

The Final Evaluation Meeting for the “Fostering Social Inclusion in Multicultural Regions – SINC Cooperation for Social Inclusion Project” which is supported within the scope of the Civil Society Dialogue VI Program implemented by the Directorate for European Union Affairs of the Republic of Turkey with the financial support of the European Union was held online on Wednesday, June 8th, 2022.

The meeting was attended by the SINC Project Coordinator, SINC Project Officer, SINC Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist from YUVA Association, representatives of project partner Support Group Network, representatives of project partners Avcılar and Şişli Municipality from Turkey, and representatives of project partners Trollhattan and Mölndal Municipality from Sweden. In the first session of the evaluation meeting, which was held in two sessions, the SINC Project was evaluated from different perspectives after the opening speech by Yılmaz Erdem Vardar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yuva Association and SINC Project Coordinator. With the feedback of the participants, the personal and organizational impact of the SINC Project, its contribution to the work on social inclusion and the aspects that can be improved were discussed. Participants’ feedback and assessment and evaluation results of the SINC Project demonstrated that

  • The project enabled the participants to gain new perspectives by expanding their visions;
  • The importance of local government-NGO cooperation in projects for social participation is better understood;
  • A better understanding of the EU acquis on social inclusion;
  • It was decided to strengthen the dialogue and establish networks between local governments and NGOs;
  • The project partner institutions contribute to the development of their social participation and project management capacities.

The second part of the Final Evaluation Meeting was dedicated to future plans, and the participants shared their views on how and in which areas the cooperation could be maintained after the completion of the project. At the end of the meeting, a Strategic Partnership Document was signed between Yuva Association and Support Group Network. The meeting ended with all partners and participants thanking each other.