Stuttgart Study Visit – SINC (Social Inclusion) Project

Stuttgart Study Visit

Within the scope of the SINC Project, study visits were planned in order to see examples of social inclusion projects implemented with the cooperation of the local authorities and NGOs, and to replicate the examples of good practices in different places. The first of these visits was held in Stuttgart on 8th-10th November 2021. Hosted by Stuttgart Municipality, the organization was attended by Mölndal Municipality from Sweden, Şişli and Avcılar Municipalities from Turkey, Support Group Network (SGN) representatives and Yuva Association representatives. During the Stuttgart study visit, Ausbildunscampus, Stuttgart Municipality’s Integration Unit, Diversity and Equality Unit, Welcome Center and Hospitalverein at Hospitalhof projects were visited and a workshop was held on the subject of how to implement projects with the cooperation of civil society and local authorities. 

Ausbildunscampus Visit (Vocational Training Campus) 

As part of Stuttgart study visit, Ausbildunscampus was visited on 8 November 2021. Hosted by Stuttgart Municipality, the visit was held with the participation of Swedish Mölndal Municipality, SGN and Yuva Association representatives. During the visit, the details of the project developed for the employment of refugees were presented. The project, which provides refugees with mentoring support on how to complete their basic education, personal development and vocational training, also creates employment opportunities in the private sector. Realized with the cooperation of the private sector, local government and civil society, the project’s model represents a good example for inclusion of refugees in working life.

Workshop on Civil Society and Local Government Cooperation

On November 8, 2021, a workshop on social inclusion projects carried out in cooperation with the public and civil society organizations was held as part of the Stuttgart Study Visit. During the workshop, good examples of different projects which was developed by NGOs in cooperation with Stuttgart Municipality was examined. Workshop participants were introduced to the project experiences of the representatives of the German-Turkish Forum, İFA Akademi, Welthaus, Black Lives Foundation and Global Issues.

Stuttgart Municipality Integration Unit Visit 

The Stuttgart Municipality Integration Unit was also visited on November 9, 2021. During the visit, Stuttgart Municipality representatives share their long-standing experience and knowledge about social inclusion projects, how to handle projects, and the models of civil society cooperation. 

Visit to Stuttgart Welcome Center

During the Stuttgart study visit, held on November 9, 2021, the Welcome Center were also visited by representatives from Yuva Association, SGN team, Mölndal Municipality from Sweden, and Avcılar and Şişli Municipalities from Turkey. Details of the activities of Welcome Center, aimed to help incoming foreigners to learn about the functioning of Stuttgart, to understand the bureaucratic functioning in Germany, to carry out the legal processes and to learn the education system were conveyed. The presentations of the Welcome Center Staff showed clearly how the adaptation to the city could be facilitated by local authorities.

Visit to the Diversity and Equality Unit of Stuttgart Municipality

During the study visit to the Stuttgart Municipality on November 9, 2021, the Municipality’s Diversity and Equality Unit was visited and information about the social services provided to LGBTQ+ individuals was received. Insights regarding the services for raising awareness in the society about the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and creating a multicultural society with an inclusive local governance approach were shared with the participants of study visit. 

Visit to the Stuttgart Hospitalverein at Hospitalhof 

The Hospitalhof visit was held on November 9, 2021 with the participation of representatives from Yuva Association, SGN, Mölndal Municipality, Avcılar and Şişli Municipalities. During the visit, participants witnessed a good example in the restoration of the church, which was destroyed in the Second World War, with the efforts of the Stuttgart Municipality and supporting institutions, and allocating the restored church for the service of civil society. The center, which enables NGOs for their works and meetings, provides a suitable environment for creating social benefit by providing trainings in many fields.