SINC (Social Inclusion) Project


Collaboration Project for Social Inclusion

Yuva Association develops or directly implements a series of projects aimed at contributing the civil society and supporting institutions to enhance their migration and social inclusion capacities.

The “Fostering Social Inclusion in Multicultural Regions – SINC Cooperation for Social Inclusion” project, which is one of the projects carried out in this scope, fundamentally aims to focus on social inclusion activities realized in multicultural regions in cooperation with local authorities, support information exchange between NGOs in Turkey and Sweden; and hence increase awareness regarding social inclusion interventions of NGOs in Turkey and improve institutions’ efforts aimed at social inclusion.

Sosyalleşmek İçin Küçük Bir Adım


Final Evaluation Meeting

The Final Evaluation Meeting for the “Fostering Social Inclusion in Multicultural Regions – SINC Cooperation for Social Inclusion Project” which is supported within the scope of the Civil Society Dialogue VI Program implemented by the Directorate for European Union Affairs of the Republic of Turkey with the financial support of the European Union was held online on Wednesday, June 8th, 2022.

Working Together for a Better Future

"Working Together For A Better Future" Panel was held on Monday, 30 May 2022. The online panel was attended by 62 people from Turkey and abroad, including partners from the FIER project for refugees in Europe.

Good Practices from Europe and Turkey

Civil Society-Local Government Cooperation in Social Participation: Good Practices from Europe and Turkey Panel was held on Tuesday, April 26.