About the Project – SINC (Social Inclusion) Project

About Project

Yuva Association develops or directly implements a series of projects aimed at contributing the civil society and supporting institutions to enhance their migration and social inclusion capacities.

The project “Promoting Social Participation in Multicultural Regions – SINC Cooperation for Social Participation” supported within the scope of the Civil Society Dialogue VI Program implemented by the European Union Presidency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey with the financial support of the European Union, was carried out in multicultural regions in cooperation with local governments. Focusing on social inclusion activities, it aims to exchange information between non-governmental organizations in Turkey and Sweden, increase the awareness of NGOs in Turkey about social inclusion interventions, and improve institutions’ efforts towards social inclusion.

Project Summary

Throughout the term of the project, three study visits will be made in Sweden, Germany and Turkey. The aim of the study visits is to enable Turkish and Swedish non-governmental organizations and municipalities to have the chance to see and learn on-site how their colleagues are finding solutions to the challenges in social inclusion interventions. These study visits are also expected to contribute to sustainability by supporting the maintenance of the dialogue established between the project partners and the development of new organizational relations. The results of these study visits will be discussed in a workshop which brings project partners together.

The experience that is acquired in the project, together with institutions' suggestions and feedback will be shared with the participants and civil society actors through a presentation document. In addition to this study, a Panel will be organized so that Turkish NGOs can share their experiences and knowledge as well as transfer and increase their experience on the relevant EU acquis and social inclusion. Furthermore, within the scope of the SINC project, the two social cohesion projects carried out/executed by the lead and partner organizations will be evaluated by a committee and their insights will be shared in a report.